Remember being told (by a guy looking like he is on the verge of bursting out of his too-tight “no pain no gain” – tshirt) that your body is like a machine and your brain is like a computer?

Hopefully, your rational mind kicked in – if only momentarily – and you walked away…
Unless you are living and spending most of your time in blissful isolation, you will have noticed that most people within the field of exercise and nutrion are very eager to convince you that the human body/brain is not all that complex, and that he/she has an excellent shortcut.


Regardless of the goal, we all like the idea of a shortcut which is why the above sales-speech works on the ignorant majority. However, whether you are trying to loss weight or gain muscle mass, it takes time and a fair amount of well-placed contionous effort. When facing the notorious bicep-curler, allow yourself to ask the important questions even though you feel stupid doing so;

Is pain really some metaphorical weakness leaving the body through an unknown and/or secret orifice?


Is more necessarily always better and do I really have to be on the verge of puking up my X-plode 5000TNT pre-workout every time I train?


The answer should be obvious.

Stupid questions do indeed exist, but this should only increase your expectations towards the person answering them.

Personal Training

As the name inherently states, personal training is a 1:1 period during which individual prerequisites and goals are taken into account. No size fits all, so if you want to be absolute certain to progress, this is the choice. Fundamentally, we deal with any pain syndromes that are present or might appear. This is done through an in-depth understanding of modern pain science, where questions are welcome and somewhat expected.

Following this, the majority of goals fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Pain management
  • Performance

  • Looking great naked (losing fat and/or gaining muscle mass)


Class- and company based training