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TV in the bedroom? Bad idea

TV in bedroom increases obesity risk – even in youth athletes.

Yes, this means it most likely has an even larger negative effect on you. If you absolutely have to sleep less, at least do something worthwhile in the bedroom.

Athletes with a TV in their room of sleep had higher BMI (22.73 vs. 20.54; P<0.001), slept less hours/week (7.65 vs. 8.12; P=0.003), and were more likely to be overweight/obese (40.32% vs. 25.52%; P=0.022). Athletes with unrestricted, unmonitored internet access in the room of sleep had a higher BMI (21.68 vs. 19.83; P<0.001), slept fewer hours/week (7.58 vs. 8.60; P<0.001) and per/weekend (9.00 vs. 9.37; P<0.001). After adjusting for age and gender, having a TV in the room of sleep remained significantly associated with BMI and WHO criteria for overweight/obesity.


Stracciolini et al., 2017.